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YuSheng Enterprise Limited is one of the leading luxury glamping bell tent manufacture and dome tent supplier for outdoor camping products.  Major in OEM glamping tent manufacture and global Tent Supplier Sourcing.

We have been designing tents and camping equipment with one simple mission: “Provide the most innovative and affordable tents to families worldwide” Great Designs and Top Quality.

We constantly improve the design & quality of all our best-selling family camping bell tents, emperor bell tent, lotus bell tent, luna bell tent, camping inflatable tent, camping furniture, and camping accessories to give the customers, exactly what you need for a great camping vacation!  Our Camping Equipment Prices are Unbeatable.

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Can I use a stove in my tent?

All of our tents come stove ready with a stove hole pre-cut in the front quarter of the tent.  We sell two types of tents, fire retardant, and none fire retardant, We recommend always opting for a fire retardant fabric when using heating equipment in your tent, however, there are current regulations in place stating that this is a mandatory requirement. 

Please note we cannot be held liable for any injury or accident caused by the use of stoves or heating equipment within your tent. Users do so at their own risk. There are fire-proof fabrics and ordinary non-fire-proof fabrics. There are additional quotations for fire-proof requirements.

Are your tents waterproof?

YES. Our tents are 100% waterproof and have been treated during our factory processing. No further waterproof treatment will be required for a while.

How Many People Can Stay Inside A Bell Tent?

3m:  No Bed But 2 Sleep Bags

4m:  2 Single Bed 1.2m*1.9m Or 5 Sleep Bags

5m: 2 Double Beds 1.8m*2.0m Or 8 Sleep Bags

6m: 3 Double Beds 1.8m*2.0m Or 12 Sleep Bags

7m: 4 Double Beds 1.8m*2.0m Or 14Sleep Bags

How Long To Receive The Order?

We Send From China, If Send By Air, Estimate To Receive In About 8-10 Days, If Send By Sea Cheaply, Estimate To Receive In About Two Months Later.

High Wind Resistance?

Test To Keep Safe Through North Winds 20 To 30 Miles Per Hour With Gusts Up To 45 Miles Per Hour Expected, It Doesn’t Have Any Problems With The Wind. (Make Sure You Stake It Properly. The Stakes Are Staking Down The Ground Sheet Well, These Stakes Are Important To Keep The Ground Sheet From Bunching Up.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up?

If Alone, And You Follow Directions, It Takes 20-30 Minutes.

What Accessories Do I Need To Buy? Steaks? Stove Jack Accessories?

All Accessories Should Come With The Tent. You Have Only Purchased A Stove And Sleeping Gear. Like You Would With All Tents.

Is there any place inside to hang a lit lantern from?

There has a ring in the center pole, you can hang on to the ring.

Are there mesh sidewalls?

The tent does not have the mesh on the sidewall, only the window and the door have the mesh.

What peoples say about us

Jessica Syverson
Jessica Syverson

Works great. No problem with rain and wind. The only downside I have large 6M one and it is hard to find a site for it.

Jesika Goddard
Jesika Goddard

I’m extremely happy with this tent, ive had it like 2 years now and its seen 2 very cold deer seasons and 2 extremely wet elk camps, the only gripes i have are with the door zippers as they will come off it youre not careful and will operate rough if you have the lines too tight, the stove jack, get an insulated pipe to double insulate your stove pipe dont rely on the jack to stand up to all that heat cause it wont mine took a little damage our first trip, and the sidewalls… i didt really realize just how low they were your standard cot will force you to stay away from the wall and eat up a ton of room, get a shorter cot so you can maximize the space in the tent (my wife and i our gear and our 2 mutts it gets crowded) with that said i love everything else about it, its warm, doesnt leak at all, it provides as much privacy and comfort as you can get out of a tent.

Sergey Rakhmanov

Wow, what a tent! Did a set up test run at the house before our glamping trip. Much easier to set up than I expected took my husband and I maybe 15 min. Although 1 person could easily set up on their own. The tent is heavy but that’s a nice thing. Bought a portable A/C for this trip and the side stove jack fit perfectly. I could go on and on about my love for this. It was a show stopper at the campground can’t wait for some back woods winter camping

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