Frame tents for sale the most popular glamping for a luxury hotel



The Safari tents are the most popular glamping Frame tents for sale for a luxury hotel. The variety of styles, ease of installation, and Eco-friendly make people get closer to the wildlife. If you have a requirement about the size, we can also do customer service.

Our Giant Tipis are ideal for weddings, parties, festivals, and all sorts of events!

Built by skilled craftsmen with ethically-sourced materials, these tipis are exceptionally strong and durable.


In warm weather, the sides can be raised, providing a cool breeze and shade while during cooler times, the sides are pulled down to create a warm and cozy environment. The latest in fire-retardant canvas technology also allows us to install specialized internal fireplaces when requested.


One Giant Tipi with the sides down can accommodate up to 64 guests seated or 74 guests standing, and with the sides raised, up to 100 guests. For larger groups, the unique design of these tipis allows us to link two or three together, creating an amazing event space.

Please see our floorplans for more information on linking tipis and layout options.

If you would like to book our Giant Tipis or require further information, please contact us today.


Get a small tipi for camping or a giant tipi for events and weddings. we supply you both.

Model TP40/8 TP72/10 TP100/14
Eave height 2.1m 2.1m 2.1m
Ridge height 5.5m 6.8m 9.15m
Top height 6.1m 7.4m 9.75m
Diameter 8.25m 10.3m 13.8m
Diameter when sides are raised 11m 13m 16.5m
Floor area 50sqm 83sqm 150sqm
Covered area when sides are raised 95sqm 132sqm 210sqm
Capacity (standing) 45 people 80 people 120 people
Capacity (seated) 40 people 72 people 100 people
Capacity (camping) 25 people 50 people 70 people
Main poles Wooden pole 70/130x6800mm Wooden pole70/130x8300mm Wooden pole 80/180x11500mm
Weight of Package about 678kg/set about 998kg/set about 1150kg/set



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