luxury camping tents for hotel rental perfect for the global glamping trend

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luxury camping tents for hotel rental perfect for the global glamping trend, After busy work, you must want a relaxing vacation, now more and more people choose outdoor glamping resorts for a wonderful holiday close to nature. Imagine that it is a wonderful thing to have fun with family and friends in nature. When night falls, you can chat, play games, and barbecue with family and friends. If you want to have your own space, you can also enjoy the starry sky and drink coffee in the glamping tent.

What kind of luxury glamping tent is good and affordable? besides being close to nature, people also don’t want to give up comfortable accommodations on vacation. The choice of a glamping tent is very important, for luxury glamping personal use, if buy one, it is very expensive cost, so rent luxury glamping tent from local vacation rentals become more and more popular, and the outdoor tent business increase as the demand for wilderness accommodation increases.  the below safari tents are the best selection for the global trends. check the detail below:

Product Name
Luxury Canvas High-Quality Glamping Safari Camping Tent For Resort
Frame Material
Solid wood / steel pipe / aluminum alloy (optional)
Support Size
Roof canvas
Military-grade waterproof PU-coated canvas 550/m²
Powder-coated steel connectors
creamy white, Khaki, light yellow, or customized
Life span
10 Years
Interior Options
Basic interior luxury interior family interior couple interior
Structure materials: Anti-corrosion pine wood, Steel structure, or aluminum alloy Structural connectors: Galvanized steel with
treatment and car paint baking process
Resort and Hotel, Semi permanent dwelling, Commercial Space, Glamping site